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Game 3 falls short of a World Series record

Game 3 of the World Series was nearly a record-setter, falling short only because of Toronto's 15-14 victory over Philadelphia in Game 4 of the 1993 Series.

The 25 runs in Florida's 14-11 win over Cleveland on Tuesday night was second only to that game. The 4 hours, 12 minutes also was second, two minutes shorter than the Blue Jays' win.Darren Daulton, whose hit led to the go-ahead run in the ninth Tuesday night, remembered the 15-14 game well. He couldn't believe the Phillies wasted a 14-9 lead that night, with Mitch Williams allowing the final five runs in.

And after Florida took a 14-7 lead this time, Daulton got worried as the Indians started to come back.

"After Bip Roberts hit that ball in the gap, I thought, `Oh no, this reminds me of that night,' " Daulton said. "Fourteen wasn't a good number on that night. It was tonight."

The 11 runs in the ninth (seven by Florida) tied the most runs in a World Series inning, set by the Philadelphia Athletics (10) against the Chicago Cubs in the seventh inning of Game 4 of the 1929 Series and matched by Brooklyn and the New York Yankees in the second inning of Game 2 of the 1956 Series.

Cleveland's three errors in the ninth tied the record for most by a team in a Series inning, done by the Chicago White Sox (1917, Game 5, fourth inning), the New York Giants (1937, Game 3, fifth inning; Game 4, third inning); Cincinnati (1939, Game 4, 10th inning) and Los Angeles (1959 Game 1, third inning; 1966, Game 2, fifth inning).

In addition, the 11 pitchers used by both teams tied the record for a nine-inning Series game, done twice previously, the last by San Francisco and Oakland in Game 4 of the 1989 Series

DOWN, WAY DOWN: As far as World Series telecasts are concerned, baseball must be wondering if there's anybody out there?

Game 1 of the World Series got the lowest television rating ever for a Series game, Nielsen Media Research said Tuesday.

Florida's 7-4 victory over Cleveland on Saturday night got an 11.3 rating and 22 share on NBC, a staggering 19 percent below the previous Series low, a 14.0 rating and 24 share for last year's Game 2 between Atlanta and the New York Yankees on Fox. That Braves-Yankees game was opposite "ABC's Monday Night Football" for part of the night.

The combined 13.0 rating for the first two games was 13 percent lower than last year's 14.9 average for the first two games and 23 percent below the 16.8 average for the first two games in 1989, which wound up as the lowest-rated Series ever (16.4) after an earthquake delayed the final two games of the Giants-Athletics matchup.

The rating for Game 1 this year was 28 percent lower than last year's opener between the Braves and Yankees, which got a 17.4 rating and 23 share on a Sunday night.

Cleveland's 6-1 victory in Game 2 on Sunday night got a 15.0 rating and 24 share, up 7 percent from the 14.0 for the second game last year, the one opposite Monday Night Football.

The rating is the percentage of television homes tuned to a broadcast. The share is the percentage watching a program among those televisions on at the time.

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