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Get tough on lawbreakers

I agree with Julian MF Kau (Oct. 12 Forum) that Utahns drive too fast. They also display other dangerous driving habits including cutting off other drivers, failure to obey signals, failure to heed right-of-way, and not paying attention to pedestrians in marked crossing zones.

I have driven in many cities in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia that are reputed to have fast drivers. They do have speeders, but the main difference is that they are usually courteous, which has a major impact with regard to safety.Utahns who break traffic laws seem to be very self-centered. They forget that a driving license is a privilege, not a right. That the streets and highways were meant for everyone, not just them. That others are on the highway, going to places just as important to them, and are not simply an obstacle to be overcome, as in a video game.

Until we make the consequences of law breaking much tougher, the situation will not improve. Human life has to have more value. Killing someone in a crosswalk or on a highway is not just some unfortunate accident. If the person causing the death was breaking the law, it is the same as premeditated murder because the decision to break the law was intentional.

Richard Howard