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Stress chapter stirs stress

I am writing this letter concerning some of the fourth-grade health curriculum on stress, Chapter 2, to be exact. I have read the health book and feel, in general, the information is acceptable. However, the study guides need to be looked at more closely.

The children answer questions about divorce, stepmothers and stepfathers, adoption and their own stresses. These things are re-emphasized in the study guide too much and should not be in there at all. If the teacher wants to touch on the subject in class, that is enough. I don't think they need to define divorce, stepmothers and step-fathers, etc., in four or five different sections. I know of instances when children were needlessly worried that their parents might get a divorce to the point of not being able to sleep after studying this chapter.I talked to the principal and assistant principal about this chapter on stress two years ago. I felt like I was patronized and nothing was solved. I, at the very least, thought something would be said to the fourth-grade teachers so some of the questions could be changed or eliminated. I even volunteered to go through the study guide myself, but nobody took me up on my offer. Now, my next daughter brings home the same paper with the same inappropriate questions.

I am told there is a curriculum committee of parents and teachers. I would appreciate it if they would eliminate, or bring to the attention of the teachers that some of these questions are inappropriate and should be eliminated.

Linda A. Jones

Pleasant Grove