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Kindness to animals vital

I am writing this letter in regard to the increase in animal abuse. You can find it anywhere nowadays. It is found in homes, testing labs and almost anywhere you look. I have even seen clips of abuse at a dog catching shelter. Animal abuse is growing every day. Not many people realize the effect of animal abuse. In a Deseret News article on Oct. 12, it told about how harming an animal affects the outcome of the person's personality. It says, "How people treat their pets is an indicator of how they will - and do - treat humans."

Another problem described in this article was that kids that hurt their pets are more likely to have a criminal record at some point in their life than kids who show respect and love toward animals. One time last year, my friend and I were riding a bus home from school and saw a strange sight. A little girl who looked probably 3 or 4 was picking up her cat and throwing it at the ground and at the wall of her apartments. My friend and I were both laughing at the sight then, but now I realize that there was nothing really funny about it.I have a dog myself, and I can honestly say that I sometimes neglect feeding her, or some other necessity of life. I would never intentionally hurt her though. Dogs and other pets can bring happiness and love into a household, if they are treated correctly. They should not be abused in any way. I am very glad that you are keeping the Kanab animal shelter up and running, because it provides a safe place for injured an abused pets. I encourage you to keep up the good work and continue trying to help people realize the importance of being kind to animals.

Jacob Naylor

Salt Lake City