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Basketball briefs

THE WORM SPEAKS: Dennis Rodman's coach says the Chicago Bulls need him. The Worm's teammates say they can win another NBA title with or without him.

By the end of today, everyone is supposed to know whether Rodman is staying or leaving."I don't care," teammate Ron Harper said after Wednesday night's 95-87 exhibition loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. "Hey, whatever Dennis do, Dennis do. If Dennis don't want to play basketball, go home. Point blank."

Rodman, who has led the league in rebounding - and suspensions - the last six seasons, said he would announce today if he was going to return to the team he helped win the last two championships.

"If it's going to be, let's do it. If it's not going to be, move on," he said Tuesday in his last public statement. "There's always a chance I won't be here. If it doesn't happen, we go on with our lives."

KNICKS ACQUIRE MILLS: The Knicks traded second-year forwards Walter McCarty and Dontae' Jones, rookie forward John Thomas and veteran guard Scott Brooks to the Celtics for forward Chris Mills and the option of any of Boston's six second-round picks over the next four years.

The Celtics signed Mills two months ago to a seven-year, $33.6 million free-agent contract.