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Boogie time: `Fever' now a musical

Twenty years after "Saturday Night Fever" introduced John Travolta's swivelling hips to the world, the hit film is being made into a stage musical.

Australian singer-dancer Adam Garcia is to don the famous white suit and medallion to play disco heartthrob Tony Manero when the musical opens in London next May, the producers announced on Tuesday.The Bee Gees, who had a string of number one hits from the film soundtrack that has sold 50 million copies, have written two new songs for the stage version and are convinced the '70s look is back.

Giving an impromptu rendition of "How Deep Is Your Love" to tumultuous applause at a London news conference, the brothers Gibb admitted their children were now wearing many of their '70s outfits.

"I know you expected white suits and medallions. Sorry to disappoint you," said Barry Gibb, sombrely attired in sports jacket and black trousers.

Sitting next to longtime producer Robert Stigwood, Barry Gibb said he felt the timing was right for a stage version of the film.

"The culture we are in today is looking back at the '70s and saying it is fun," he said.

Gibb, who admitted that two medallions were still his most treasured possessions, said: "We cannot surf, we can't dance but we still can cruise."

The Bee Gees have in their 30-year career had 30 No. 1 hits in the United States and Britain.

Gibb said he and his brothers, Maurice and Barry, still had one ambition to fulfil:

"We would love to sit down and write a musical ourselves. It is in the back of our minds."