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Golly! Milk ad features Opie of Mayberry

The milk mustache people have just raised the cutie-pie factor - they've enlisted Ron Howard as their latest white-lipped spokesperson.

Make that spokesboy - the ad campaign features a photograph of little Ronny Howard in his Opie days on "The Andy Griffith Show" with an electronically added milk mustache.The caption for the adorable freckle-faced boy says, "Growing up, I got good at taking direction. `Say your line here.' And, `Drink your milk.' . . . So I still drink milk. Only now, I'm the one giving direction."

The campaign also features another picture of an adult Howard, director of films such as "Apollo 13," "Cocoon" and "Backdraft."

The ad campaign, now in its third year of getting celebrities to pose with white milk goo on their upper lips, comes from the Milk Processor Education Program, dedicated to extolling the benefits of drinking milk.

A tip for the tidy: Don't mix whistling the theme song for "The Andy Griffith Show" with that milk mustache.