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Election judges needed

How can we have or should we have an election when we cannot get enough people to serve as election judges?

I have served many years. I am unable to serve this year and have refused each of the five times I have been called.Who would work for less than minimum wage? The wage received for serving as an election judge may be less than $3 an hour. This includes overtime, serving from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. or later.

Could we require each voter to serve as an election judge? Should employers be required to release employees for election-judge service as they are required to give time off for jury duty? I do not approve of the jury system. It does not seem to function honestly either.

One radio host expects there to be a balance of the liquor commission. Why not a balance of the election judges? It may be the only incidence where women are in the majority.

I have served as an election judge only once with a man. Men retire from regular employment, could they help?

Men hold the majority of the elected offices. Let's have balance.

Glenna M. Peterson