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N.Y. man accused of posing as his dad, inventing brother

A Long Island man was accused of inventing a brother to reap life insurance benefits, and later, of posing as his own father to get a $1 million mortgage on a 27-room house.

Schloime Dachowitz, 55, was arrested Wednesday and pleaded not guilty to charges including grand larceny, forgery and first-degree insurance fraud, which is punishable by up to 25 years in prison.Dachowitz took out a life insurance policy under the name Malke Dachowitz in 1989 and altered records including birth, school and lab reports to create a brother, prosecutor Denis Dillon said.

Four years later, Dachowitz filed a claim saying the insured man was dying of AIDS, Dillon said.

Payment was stopped when Dachowitz failed to provide the company with additional information about the brother.