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Kaczynski's writings contradict defense

In a journal entry from April 1979, prosecutors claim Theodore Kaczynski wrote: "I came back to the Chicago area in May, mainly for one reason: so that I could more safely attempt to murder a scientist, businessman, or the like."

His autobiography, written around 1979, "contains the statement that Kaczynski intends to start killing people and that the purpose of the autobiography is to explain that he is not sick," Special U.S. Attorney R. Steven Lapham wrote in court papers filed late Thursday.Prosecutors, relying on journals, letters, records from experiments he conducted and the autobiography, plan to show that the former math professor's own writings counter defense claims that he was too mentally disturbed to intentionally commit a crime.

The court filing details how the government intends to prove Kaczynski was responsible for all 16 bombings attributed to the anti-technology terrorist known as the Unabomber, even though Kaczynski is charged in only five of the blasts.

Defense lawyers have revealed that they plan to call experts to testify about Kaczynski's mental state, arguing that he lacked the mental capacity to form the intent to commit a crime.

But prosecutors said Thursday that Kaczynski's writings would help show that he was not responding to hallucinations, voices in his head or other phenomena when he built and mailed the bombs.

Seized from his Montana cabin was a coded journal in which Kac-zynski allegedly memorialized the results of the bombs and an attempted bombing of a commercial airline that went awry.

Prosecutors said one entry reads: "Experiment 976. Dec. 11, 1985, I planted bomb disguised to look like scrap of lumber behind rentech compute store in sacramento. According to San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 20, the `operator' (owner? manager?) of the store was killed, `blown to bits,' on Dec. 12."

Elsewhere, the government said, Kaczynski allegedly discusses a bomb mailed to then-United Airlines President Percy Wood: "After complicated preparation I succeeded in injuring the pres. of united a.l. but he was only one of a vast army of peeple who directly and indirectly are responsible for the JETS."

Wood was injured at his home on June 10, 1980.

The writings also mentioned a Utah bombing.

The journal, Feb. 22, 1982: "Last fall I attempted a bombing and spent nearly three hundred bucks just for travel expenses, motel, clothing for disguise, etc. Aside from cost of materials for bomb. And then the thing failed to explode. This was the firebomb found in U. of Utah business school outside door of room containing some computer stuff."

The search of Kaczynski's cabin also uncovered the original version of the Unabomber's 35,000-word, anti-technology manifesto, government sources have said.

Kaczynski, 55, a Harvard-trained mathematician who taught at the University of California, Berkeley in the late 1960s, lived as a recluse in a 10-by-12-foot plywood shack with no plumbing or electricity near Lincoln, Mont. FBI agents arrested him in April 1996.

He was charged in California in connection with four explosions, two of them fatal, and in New Jersey in another fatal bombing.