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Kudos to letter-writers

Congratulation to Forum editors for selections published each day. The broad range of subjects covered represents enormous public interest. Some entries invite dispute, while others soothe the conscience of certain readers. Almost all invite individual reaction, but understandably all reactions won't and perhaps couldn't be published. Two specific extremely impressive instances prompt me to want to pass kudos to authors of two compelling but widely diversified contributions.

Clyde Gower's "Old song takes a detour" (Oct. 15) and Carol Nuffer's "Endowment mismanaged" (Oct. 18).Mr. Gower, no apologies are needed to Even Stephens as I suspect he would have seen the common sense applied to his famous song, "Utah, We Love Thee." More especially I suspect he would agree that under current road-construction conditions, a sense of humor is our sure way of survival for the next four years. Contributions like yours can help so much. I hope you had many readers. I know I am passing the word where I can to read your sensible bit of humor.

Ms. Nuffer, you are entitled to a specific reply from our distinguished senators to your observations relative to the weakness in the administration of the National Endowment for the Arts. Assuming your facts are correct and complete, how can they ignore you? The supporting evidence of the facts from other sources you have quoted only increase the reasons we should be concerned. I hope you are pursuing a course with the senators to get some clarification of their true standing. Forum readers will be grateful for your update when such is possible.

John E. Carr

Salt Lake City