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Businesses, payroll show gains in Utah

As an indication of the condition of Utah's economy, the U.S. Bureau of the Census is reporting that in 1995 Utah had 45,882 businesses, 2,143 more than in 1994.

The total payroll for the state in 1995 (the latest for which figures are available) was $17 billion, an 11 percent increase from the $15.3 billion payroll in 1994.Salt Lake County had the largest payroll in 1995 with $10 billion, followed by Utah County with $2.3 billion; Weber County with $1.2 billion; Davis County with $911.5 million; and Washington County, $362 million.

The Census Bureau report said Salt Lake County had 22,507 businesses in 1995, followed by Utah County with 5,665; Weber County with $3,564; Davis County with 3,504; and Washington County with 1,846.