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Students worldwide invited to visit BYU

Brigham Young University President Merrill J. Bateman is inviting students from around the country to participate in BYU's Summer Visiting Student Program beginning this June.

The program is open specifically to high school graduates who are or will be actively pursuing a degree at another college or university. It is designed to provide non-BYU students with the opportunity of being part of the university's unique community, said Associate Academic Vice President John Tanner.Students will need to complete a one-page application form available from the Admissions Office (A-153 ASB, BYU, Provo, UT 84602) and provide an ecclesiastical endorsement. Applications are due June 1.

Participation in the Summer Visiting Student Program will not lead to daytime enrollment for the fall semester, nor give participants special consideration for admission to BYU. Students who would like to enroll at BYU full time after participating in the program must apply through the regular admissions process and meet the regular application deadlines.

Visiting students will have full access to the university.

"It is our intention," said Tanner, "to provide visiting students with an authentic BYU experience. Students will be expected to be serious about their studies and to observe the Honor Code. They also will be invited to participate in forums, devotionals, cultural events, campus wards and all aspects of campus life."

Limited on-campus housing will be available, but students will have access to ample off-campus housing close to the university. Students will also be encouraged to take "packages" of classes that meet their educational needs.

These might include courses focused on general education, missionary preparation, languages for returning missionaries and others, and family science. Special advisement will be provided to help students who want to transfer their BYU credits to other schools.

BYU scholarships will not be available to visiting students, nor will short-term loans, Pell Grants or any of the Federal Family Education Loan programs. However, visiting students are eligible to work on campus.

Students participating in the Visiting Student Program will be eligible to return to campus each summer, but a new application will be required each time.

See BYU home page for details: (