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Kaysville to start charging traffic-impact fee on new development

A traffic impact fee for new development, both commercial and residential, will be instituted in the next few months by the City Council.

At a special meeting on Oct. 14, the council examined a capital facilities street plan listing some $10 million worth of prospective road improvement projects.City manager John Thacker said impact fees will provide the city with some of the funds needed for the improvements.

The cost of such an impact fee has not been determined, but it will be calculated this month. After that, a public hearing will be held on the issue before adoption.

Several other area cities already have traffic impact fees. Layton, for example, has a $750 traffic impact fee on each new home.

Besides the traffic impact fee, the council will also have to wrestle with finding the remainder of the funding for the road projects.

Bonding has been discussed, but the council is leaning toward a property tax increase to avoid any interest charges. If accepted, that increase could take effect as early as November 1998.

Besides the traffic impact fee, the council is also considering priorities in its five-year plan for street improvements.

Kaysville has 103 miles of streets, comprising 90 city-maintained roads and 13 miles of state-owned highways.

Currently, North Main Street, 200 North and a portion of 50 West are on the top of the list.

However, the council plans to discuss the priority list further at its Oct. 21 meeting and some of the rankings could be changed.

The J-U-B Company of consulting engineers has created a computer model of the city's streets and is making recommendations on road work.