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Halt waste in school funds

Now that the weather has cooled, the Salt Lake City School Board may forget about the near dangerous, unteachable conditions that started the school year. When May or June rolls around and the discomfort and untenable conditions reappear, we should again discuss them. The Salt Lake City School Board can dump $90 million into earthquake protection that may occur in the next 5,000 years and not consider creature comfort or even a teachable atmosphere for today. Can anyone imagine what $90 million would have done for year-round conditioning, for added school activities and programs, for books, equipment, computers, for better bus service, and more pay for teachers and counselors. It would be startling to see the published uncontrolled costs spent on East, West, and Highland highs while "unsafe" ex-South High and ex-Roosevelt Junior accommodate more people every day for longer hours in much more favorable conditions.

Let's hope this incredible spending waste is over and our efforts and money go into educating young people with the best possible exposure to good programs and activities. Let's get the finest teachers and counselors that we can attract to our system while teaching service, restraint, discipline and encouraging creativity, thinking, love of knowledge and a desire for academic fulfillment.T.G. Bud Mahas

Salt Lake City