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FM-100's easy-listening format keeps it in 1st place

KSFI (alias "FM-100") continues to be the top-ranked station for adults.

It appears that easy listening music and a small dose of news, traffic and weather are what adults want to hear most on the radio.According to the latest Arbitron listener estimates for last summer, KSFI commands 11.8 percent of the age 25-54 audience, well ahead of second place KRSP (FM-103.5) at 6.9 percent. Ironically, KRSP is also owned by Simmons Family Radio, like KSFI.

KISN-FM (97.1) was a close third at 6.8 percent, while fourth was KODJ (FM-94.1) at 6.1 and fifth was KSOP AM/FM at 5.3 percent.

While KSFI held pretty much steady over the quarter, KZHT, KSOP, KBZN and KURR were the big gainers among adult listeners last summer.

- Here are the Aribtron ratings, Summer of 1997, for adults ages 25-54, Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. to midnight:

1. KSFI (11.8 percent); 2. KRSP (6.9); 3. KISN-FM (6.8); 4. KODJ (6.1); 5. KSOP AM/FM (5.3); 6. KENZ (4.8); 7. KSL (4.5); 8. KUMT (4.4); 9. KKAT (4.0); 10. KUBL (3.9)

11. (tie) KURR and KBEE (3.8); 13. KBZN (3.7); 14. KZHT (3.2); 15. KALL (3.1); 16. KBER (2.8); 17. KXRK (2.6); 18. KQMB (2.3); 19. KFNZ (1.8); 20. KDYL/KOVO (1.3); 21. (tie) KBCK and KLZX (0.9); 23. KRKR (0.5); 24. KTKK (0.4); 25. (tie) KCNR and KLO (0.3); 27. KFAM (0.1); 28. KISN-AM

Look for the age 18-34 and 12-plus ratings next week.

- TUNIS IS BACK! Several months after losing his sports director job at KISN-AM when the station changed formats and ownership, Chris Tunis has returned to radio on KALL (AM-910).

KALL has wisely hired the seven-time "Utah Sportscaster of the Year" to host a weekday show from 4-6 p.m. Tunis started his new program Oct. 20.

Tunis has 16 years of sports reporting experience in this market. He had also worked for KSL.

- NO SALE - There was a possible KXRK (alias "X-96.1," FM) sale considered this month by owner Acme Broadcasting Co. to Simmons Family Radio Inc. (owner of KSFI, KDYL and others), but it fell through.

- KWUN (AM-1230) - Veteran talk show host Jim Dabakis has left KALL to join Salt Lake's newest all-talk station. He's joining Don Harwell in the 4-7 p.m. weekday time slot.

- KTKK (alias "K-Talk," AM-630) - Scott Lindsley has moved to the station, leaving KWUN before its on-air premiere. He was going to do a seven-day-a-week afternoon show on "Radio One," but got a better offer from KTKK, where he'll be an executive producer and on-air host.

The time of his new KTKK is still being decided.

- TENTH ANNUAL TRANSATLANTIC BROADAST - KXRK (alias "X-96.1, FM) morning personalities Bill Allred and Kerry Jackson will head to Europe again for live broadcasts, starting Monday, Oct. 27.

The DJs will have various interviews and features.

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - It has to be the most unlikely radio interview of the year, "Uncle Nasty" on KBER talking extensively to Donny Osmond. It happened Tuesday and included Donny singing part of "Puppy Love" to Nasty's wife. . . . "Kerry, Bill and Gina" on KXRK used Sugar House as their featured "city" Tuesday. The DJs also said they will have a new comedy cassette out soon . . .

"Mick and Ellis" on KBEE Tuesday sent their sidekick Chris to Roy to find out what makes that city great . . . Tom Barberi on KALL talked about polygamy Tuesday, among other topics . . . Mills Crenshaw on KWUN debated the UTA light rail plan Tuesday, favoring a more cost-effective fleet of vans instead . . .

"Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL talked about Garth Brooks Tuesday and also had Tommy Johnson's 18-month-old son provide some dialogue for the show. The DJs also did another "Candid Question" . . .

"Fisher, Todd and Erin" on KISN-FM accepted more tales from listeners Tuesday about "Men Gone Mad and the Women Who Love Them." One story centered around a fanatical duck hunter . . . Jimmy Chunga on KENZ gave out his own suggestions for the new name of the Salt Lake Buzz. "Bugs," "Oz" and "Fonz" were his favorites . . .

"Mick and Allen" on KURR talked more with their "Access Hollywood" source Tuesday for special entertainment industry reports . . ."Dain and Peggy" on KSFI had another "Brain Cramp" game Tuesday . . .

Jon Carter on KRSP was so moved by a report on the theft of some priceless Halloween decorations in S.L. County, that he offered his own $100 reward for their return . . .

Bill Clark, who does a new 10-11 p.m. weekday talk show on KTKK, said on the air Wednesday he's challenging Gov. Leavitt to a $10,000 bet. Clark wants the governor to prove that more than 50 percent of the public approves of the massive I-15 reconstruction work in Salt Lake County . . .

"Jim, Dawn and Rick" on KKAT Tuesday challenged forecaster Dan Pope to use the word "pastrami" in an upcoming TV newscast. Apparently, he didn't do it. On Wednesday morning, Rick Shane had knee surgery and Dawn and Jim were there at the hospital to watch and do an on-air report. Afterward, Shane spent the rest of the week recovering at home.