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Nanny on trial testifies she never abused boy who died

Apart from his fussiness, Matthew Eappen seemed fine to his nanny on Feb. 4, until she approached the baby's crib.

Louise Woodward, on trial on charges that she fatally shook and slammed the 8-month-old boy, testified that she never abused Matthew and didn't realize anything was wrong with him until she found him gasping and listless after a nap."He was lying there, his eyes half-closed and he was gasping for breath," she testified Thursday.

"I was clapping and when he wouldn't respond to me I lifted him up and shook him," she said, shaking her hands for a few seconds to demonstrate.

"He was unresponsive," she said as she began to cry. "I was really frightened. I panicked."

Prosecutors contend Woodward, a young British girl frustrated by a fussy baby and her long working hours, lashed out at the child that day. He died five days later from head injuries.