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BOGOTA - Leftist rebels intent on torpedoing nationwide municipal elections intensified their intimidation campaign Friday, setting off bombs, paralyzing transport and forcing many businesses and schools to close.


ANKARA - An Iraqi Kurdish group said Friday that a weeklong cease-fire in northern Iraq is over because of attacks by Turkish jets and a rival group.


PARIS - A French nuclear physicist accused of handing secret documents to the former Soviet Union said in court Friday that his Soviet "handler" threatened him with death to force him to continue spying.


TEGUCIGALPA - Five French tourists on a shark-fishing boat were rescued in the Caribbean off the coast of Hon-duras after drifting at sea for three days.


TEL AVIV - In a bid to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, Israeli chefs laid out a mile-long breakfast table Friday on Tel Aviv's Mediterranean beach.


JAKARTA - The worst drought in half a century has devastated crop harvests by as much as 40 percent, the government said Friday as a choking smoke haze from wildfires worsened over much of Indonesia.


KUALA LUMPUR - In a move to cut the number of foreign workers, Malaysia announced Friday that the government is now allowing only one foreign maid per family.


CANBERRA - White Australians will suffer "stinging criticism" during Sydney's 2000 Sum-mer Olympics if the land rights of Aborigines are overturned and the shocking state of their health is ignored, a top aboriginal leader warned Friday.


LA PAZ - McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Bolivia on Friday, offering tea made from coca leaves - the main ingredient in cocaine - to wash down its Big Macs and fries.


ARUSHA - Three suspects in Rwanda's 1994 genocide pleaded not guilty Friday in their initial appearances before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.


TARTU - The Estonian town of Tartu has decided to auction off its statue of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, setting the starting price at $15,000.


MANILA - Not since Cinderella have a woman's shoes attracted such notice. And that's exactly why the Philippines' shoe-making capital wants to put Imelda Marcos' fabled foot-wear on display for tourists - all 1,220 pair.

Northern Ireland

BELFAST - Britain announced plans Friday to commemorate thousands of victims of North Ireland's violence with a memorial reflecting both sorrow and hope.


BUJUMBURA - Soldiers with Burundi's mainly Tutsi army packed 40 people into a rural school earlier this week and tossed a grenade inside, killing them all, a witness said Friday.


VICTORIA, British Columbia - A man convicting of stalking a woman was banished from Al-berta for three years and given a one-way bus ticket to Victoria, a move that outraged British Columbia officials.