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Ch. 2 report missed point

My name is Kelly Keeney. I write to you concerning the report by Peter Rosen, Channel 2 News, that was aired on Oct. 10:

The report was on Anytown U.S.A. I attended the camp, and I am very disappointed that you focused only on the racism and hate. You misrepresented the purpose of the exercise. You caused more racial tension by your irresponsible reporting. I am appalled by how one-sided and inaccurate your program was. The goal of Anytown is to break down the barriers, and promote understanding, which you neglected to mention. I demand that you make a public retraction and apology.At Anytown, I learned to identify different forms of prejudice, I learned to hate the prejudice instead of the people, and I learned how to eliminate it in my life.

At the beginning of the week, we participated in many exercises that helped us to identify discrimination and prejudice.

By identifying differences and having discussions about them, all who attended learned to understand and appreciate those differences. On the final day the administration segregated us. By doing this we all felt the pressure and the pain of being discriminated against.

When you described it in your report as "a racial experiment gone terribly wrong," you completely misrepresented what was trying to be accomplished. The "experiment" taught us to hate the hate. I learned that prejudice hurts everyone.

What you did not show was what happened after. We discussed together what it felt like to be discriminated against.

Kelly Keeney

Delegate, Anytown U.S.A.

Salt Lake City