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T-Ville owes much to Gray

We are addressing this response to a Readers' Forum letter by Allen Luker that appeared on Oct. 2.

In Mr. Luker's letter, he wrongfully attacks Lana Gray and the Taylorsville Little League organization. He is entitled to his opinion, however misguided with bad information.Let us respond to his major points. First he compares the Taylorsville (T-Ville) Little League program with the Kearns program as being under the same "Salt Lake County" umbrella. Although it is true that the Kearns program is run under county auspices, the T-Ville Little League is not.

It is true that registration fees in our program are a little, but not a lot, higher than other programs. This is because we do not do a formal mandatory fund-raiser as nearly all other programs do.

As far as Mr. Luker's personal attack on Lana Gray, well, it smacks of political motivation since his letter's immaculate timing didn't allow for a rebuttal before the Taylorsville Council primary election on Oct. 7.

I'm happy that Mr. Luker, as he stated in his letter, was able to attend all his child's baseball games. It's unfortunate that he does not understand how a volunteer program operates. Was he there to deal with hostile parents, organize player drafts and rosters, order and pick up paint, trophies, uniforms and equipment, and fend hundreds of telephones calls at all hours of the day and night? Was he there to empty the garbage, fix the leak in the snack bar, build new fences, and repair the backstops, bleachers or clean the restrooms? Lana Gray was.

Edo Rottini

John T. Matthews

Roger Gonzalez