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Land doesn't need `saving'

I have been an avid reader and subscriber to the Deseret News for 35 years. During this time, I have seen a change from reporting the news to biased pro-environmental brainwashing. In the Sept. 30 issue, Karl Cates again purported his pro-Sierra Club propaganda in "History lessons lurk beneath Lake Powell surface." This article is simply one in a long list of environmental hogwash purported in the Deseret News by Cates, Davidson and Spangler - only to name a few of the staff writers who are so pro-environmental.

Common sense needs to be addressed here. Few people abuse the land. The people of Utah kept Utah in a pristine state so that outside vocal advocates could come in and decide to "save" it and designate it as a wilderness. If these self-proclaimed saviors of the world had not had the opportunity to "discover" Utah, Utah would not need to be saved. For it is from the environmentalists that we need saving. All of the people need to be able to use, not abuse, the land.When I see Cates, Davidson, Spangler, Redford (just to name a few) and the rest of the pro-Sierra Club environmental groups living in caves, driving no cars, having no electricity, wearing animal skins for clothing and burning no fossil fuels or trees to keep warm, then, and only then, will I believe that they are practicing what they preach and not being the hypocrites they are now.

LaDawn Sorensen