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NAIROBI - Unidentified gunmen shot dead a military commander and his bodyguard while they were driving home southwest of Rwanda's capital, Kigali, Rwandan radio reported.


MOSCOW - Siberian authorities suspect a former mental patient killed at least 19 people and ate some of them, a Moscow newspaper reported Saturday.

United Kingdom

LONDON - Thirty anti-monarchy protesters burned a symbolic check outside Prince Charles' country home on Saturday and placed a banner near the entrance saying, "Charles must never be king."

LONDON - The first British policewoman to die in the line of duty in 13 years removed her protective body armor minutes before she was stabbed, police said Saturday.

LONDON - Vincent van Gogh's "Sunflowers," one of the world's most valuable paintings, may be a fake, the British Sunday Times newspaper reported, citing investigations by art expert Geraldine Norman.


NAAMEH - Israeli jets blasted suspected positions of Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon, a day after two Israeli soldiers were wounded in clashes with the Iranian-backed fighters, Lebanese security officials said.


BAKU - Azerbaijan began pumping oil Saturday through a newly repaired pipeline that will carry the crude across the troubled territory of Chechnya to the Russian port of Novorossiisk.


TORONTO - A Canadian businessman interceded at an auction Saturday so that Canada would be able to keep the First World War medals of the Canadian soldier who wrote the poem "In Flanders Field."


WARSAW - Agents of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency have met in Warsaw with Polish counterparts who smuggled them out of Iraq in 1990 after the invasion of Kuwait, Polish public television said.

WARSAW - Poland's incoming Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, a veteran trade unionist, urged anaesthetists on Saturday to suspend a hunger protest over pay until his government was installed and could tackle their problems.


MEXICO CITY - When daylight-saving time ended today, Mexicans turned their watches back an hour everywhere but in Yucatan peninsula state Quintana Roo.

MEXICO CITY - About half of the cars in Mexico's sprawling capital were banned from the streets Saturday in one of the city's more severe efforts to control the cloud of gray.


BAGHDAD - Iraq's parliament met on Saturday to formulate a stand on the latest U.N. resolution threatening further sanctions against Baghdad, sources at the parliament said.


MUTSAMUDU - Tens of thousands of candles and paraffin lamps flickered across the Indian Ocean island of Anjouan on Saturday as secessionists settled down for what they say will be their last night as part of the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros.


CAIRO - A Cairo military court said on Saturday it would issue its verdict on Thursday in the trial of two brothers accused of killing nine German tourists and their Egyptian bus driver in a firebomb and gun attack, court sources said.


SAO PAULO - The remains of four people executed by a group of hired gunmen were found in the western state of Mato Grosso do Sul, a Rio de Janeiro newspaper reported Saturday.