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Palestinian protesters tear-gassed

Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets Saturday at stone-throwing Palestinians who were marching for the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel's jails.

One of the 400 protesters was taken to the hospital after being hit in the leg with a rubber bullet. Ten others were treated for the effects of tear gas.Israel is holding about 3,000 Palestinian political prisoners, a third of whom have never been tried.

A larger but peaceful West Bank protest took place in Nablus, where about 1,500 Palestinians marched; several hundred others protested in the town of Hebron. A much smaller demonstration, numbering a few dozen, was held in Arab east Jerusalem.

Some Palestinians say the Palestinian Authority has neglected the issue of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, but Hisham Abdel Razig, a Palestinian National Assembly member who deals with the matter, said stalled peace talks were to blame.

"We have not forgotten our prisoners. The problem is that Israel has stopped moving forward with the peace negotiations and, therefore, there is no progress with the release of prisoners," Razig said.

Meanwhile, about 200 Israeli peace activists held vigils on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. The protesters blew whistles and, referring to the prime minister by his nickname, chanted "Bibi is leading us to war" and held signs reading, "Bibi is dividing the people."