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Car bomb kills driver in N. Ireland

A small bomb exploded beneath the driver's seat of a car near Belfast on Saturday, killing the Protestant driver and engulfing the vehicle in flames.

The bomb went off as Glen Greer, 28, drove away from his home in Bangor, 15 miles east of Belfast, making him the first political killing in Northern Ireland in three months.Greer, who crawled from the burning vehicle but died later in a hospital, may have been targeted in a feud involving one or more of Northern Ireland's four pro-British Protestant paramilitary groups.

Two of the groups are represented at multiparty negotiations on Northern Ireland's future, which resumed last month. No group has claimed responsibility for the bomb.

On Thursday, the umbrella organization coordinating policy among three of those paramilitary groups - which together have been observing an October 1994 cease-fire - officially collapsed. And Bangor is a past feuding ground where one paramilitary commander was gunned down by disgruntled comrades in September 1995.

The pro-British paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force, or UVF, on Saturday denied any involvement in Greer's killing, said Ernie Steele, a Bangor spokesman for the UVF's affiliated Progressive Unionist Party.