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To journalists: Yes, you can get a drink in S.L.

The 200 or so journalists arriving this weekend for the U.S. Olympic Committee conference are being encouraged to remember that even though the snow is dry here, Salt Lake City isn't.

Besides a ticket to Saturday night's U.S. vs. Canada women's hockey team match, they're getting goodie bags from both the USOC and the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau.One, a brown paper bag from the bureau marked "Salt Lake To Go," contains two bottles of locally brewed beer, a box of candy, an apple and a cookie in addition to conference materials.

"We want to make sure they know they can get a drink here," a bureau employee explained as he passed out the treats, along with Salt Lake Organizing Committee baseball caps and pins.

The bureau is also handing out a bar towel from a local brew pub, a prepaid telephone card, various stationery supplies and a huge pile of brochures and press releases to the journalists coming from as far away as Japan.

Most of the information is about Salt Lake City and the 2002 Winter Games, even though the journalists are here to meet members of the U.S. Olympic team headed to the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan.

The stack of brochures include one entitled, "Salt Lake Is A Very Cool Place. Honest," that assures readers, "Despite what you may have heard, having fun isn't a punishable offense around here."

There is also information on area attractions, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Temple Square, as well as Salt Lake's cultural and religious diversity.

The USOC Conference is scheduled to last through Tuesday.