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Police crackdown targets drivers ignoring crosswalks

South Salt Lake police have written about 150 tickets to motorists failing to yield at crosswalks the past couple of weeks.

The latest crackdown was Friday night when officers wrote 112 tickets, 56 of which were for failing to yield at the crosswalk on 2900 S. State. The same crosswalk where Sharri Young, 14, and Robbie Knowlden, 11, were hit and killed Sept. 26.Officer Scott Daniels, dressed in a florescent yellow vest over his uniform, walked back and forth through the crosswalk. The drivers who didn't stop got tickets.

"The majority of the cars didn't stop," Babka said. "If we would've had 30 more police cars, we could've written hundreds of more tickets. It was just amazing."

Several cars nearly hit Daniels in the crosswalk during the 1 1/2 hour crackdown, Babka said.

"He was just a decoy," Babka said. "People just wouldn't stop. That's why we wrote so many tickets."