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Retro Jazz


Position: CenterHeight: 6-11 Weight: 255

College: St. John's '70

Age: 49

Residence: Sebastian, Fla.

Family: Married (Diane), two children: Jordan James Savannah

Personal: Vice president, Minuteman Press International (printing company).

Jazz years: 1984-85.

Jazz stats: Scored 82 points and grabbed 96 rebounds over 64 games with Utah.

Jazz memory: Without hesitation, the "Whopper" recalled April 28, 1985, when Utah eliminated Houston from the NBA playoffs with a 104-97 come-from-behind victory. Paultz was punched in the face by Houston's Hakeem Olajuwon, which sparked a fierce rally by Jazz reserves past the Rockets.

"I annoyed him enough to where he hit me, and it turned the game around," said Paultz. "We had to evoke something and I knew I could disrupt his game to a certain degree." Paultz also works into Jazz lore as the recipient of John Stockton's first career assist. "Until you check the films," he said. "I'm sticking to my story."