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Brighton's Ariazand picks Portland

Less than a week after Bountiful's Caroline Putz made her intentions known about which college she'll play soccer for, Brighton's all-stater Pardis Ariazand followed suit.

While Putz will take her Parade All-American career to Washington, Ariazand has accepted an offer to play for Portland.Portland, currently ranked third in the nation, has lost only four games in the history of its program. Of those losses, all in the national tournament, two came at the hands of North Carolina, one to Notre Dame and the other to Virginia.

"I really just want to pursue my career in soccer, Ariazand said. "I feel it is an honor to play for a coach like Clive Charles. My mom's a little touchy, but I think it's really cool for my dad. He's been coaching all my life."

Ariazand took recruiting trips to Arizona, American University, BYU and Utah but opted to play for the Pilots.

"I just like the small school environment," she said. "Plus, I kind of just want to get away from here."