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Catalogs give data on old radio show

Question: Where can I find information on old radio shows such as "Inner Sanctum," "Suspense," "Lights Out," "The Shadow" and other spooky thrillers that (as kids) scared us stiff? Were such program ever recorded, and if so, where can they be obtained?

- Julie Taylor, Houston, Texas

Answer: Old radio programs can be found listed, along with photos and stories of the stars, in Chuck Schaden's Nostalgia Diges and Radio Guide. It is published six times a year for $15, or $25 for a two-year, 12-issue subscription, or send $4 for a current issue to Nostalgia Digest, Box 421, Morton Grove, IL 60053.

For an Old Time Radio Shows Audio Cassette Catalog, send $2 to Chuck Schaden's Metro Golden Memories, 5425 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL 60641-3203.

Question: You are probably aware of the explosive interest in NASCAR motor sport collectibles over the past five years. There are several publications that list the trading prices of die cast models, and trading cards, along with recent souvenirs. However, I'm trying to determine the vlaue of, and locate a trading market for much older and unique articles of historical motor sports value. . . .

Where can I obtain information regarding the value of such pieces, and how can I market them?

- Ed Boltin, Panama City, Fla.

Answer: Race car collectibles, along with numerous fan and collector clubs, and countless sources you can write to inquire abut the pieces you have, can be found listed in "Auto Racing Memorabilia and Price Guide - 9,000 Current Prices for Racing Cards, Autographs, Die Cast and Plastic Models - INDYCAR, NASCAR, and NHRA Racing Team Profiles and Driver Addresses," by Mark Allen Baker (KP). It is available for $23.20 postpaid from Ace Enterprises, P.O. Box 59354, Chicago, IL 60659. The book also lists prices for auto racing programs and tickets dating from 1959 to 1994, and covers paper and other racing collectibles.

Question: I have three Ripley Believe It Or Not posters, one picturing a 540-pound girl, anotherpicturing a mermaid called Medusa Child of the Sea, and the other portraying Prince Ramachandi the Hindu Quarter Man who has only a quarter of his body. They came from the original printer and were done from wood blocks. I had them matted and framed. How can I find out their value, and where would be the best place to sell them?

- Conrad Adelman, Miami, Fla.

Answer: Write Mickey Ivanovitch, who collects and buys Ripley's Believe It Or Not memorabilia, at 1009 Chestnut St., Dresden, Ohio 43821, or phone him at 614-754-1401.

Question: How can I find out if Hardee's raisin figures are worth anything I have small hard ones as well as softy types.

- Robin Lindauer, Cary, N.C.

Answer: Both Hardee's and California Rasin figures and related items can be found listed, described, and priced in the new fourth edition of "Schroeder's Collectible Toys, Antique to Modern Price Guide - IDentification & Values of Over 20,000 Collectible Toys," edited by Sharon and Bob Huxford (CB). It is available for $21.95 postpaid with packing from Ace Enterpriese, P.O. Box 59354, Chicalo, IL 60659. The book also lists clubs, newsletters, publications, dealers, and toy categories of special interest.

Also, in reference to raising, Josephine Grubb of Houston, Texas, wants a recipe for making wine from raisins. Anyone who knows can write me to contact her.

Question: We have a unique collection of cuff link sets. Who can we contact in regard to seeling them?

- Mrs. J. von Sternberg, Willis, Texas

Answer: Write the National Cuff Link Society c/o its president Gene Klompus, P.O. Box 346, Prospect Heights, Il 60070. Enclose photos of the links stating any markings they have, and a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply or offer. Or send $25 for annual NCLS membership and quarterly newsletter made payable to the Society. Or phone/fax Gene at 847-816-0035.

Question: Where can I get information on a General Electricf fan with brass blades and the original cord and plug, dating from the 1920s?

- Stanley Zapisek, Albany, N.Y.

Answer: Write electric antique fan collector Roger Anthony, 23214 Whispering Willow, Spring, TX 77373. Enclose a photo or description of the fan, and a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply or offer, or phone Roger at 713-353-4576.