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Local Births

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center-

DROZD, Karen and Thomas, Farmington, girl, Oct. 15.

EVANS, Shaela and Thomas, Ogden, girl, Oct. 17.

GONZALEZ, Amber and Oscar, Ogden, boy, Oct. 16.

HAMBLIN, Brandi, and HAWLEY, Ian, Riverdale, boy, Oct. 17.

HARRIS, Melanie and James, Ogden, girl, Oct. 17.

HARRIS, Paula and Laren, Farr West, boy, Oct. 17.

HENZERLING, Tabatha and SUMMERS, Paul, Ogden, girl, Oct. 17.

HERRING, Camille and Christopher, Clinton, girl, Oct. 17.

JONES, Diana and Teak, Ogden, boy, Oct. 16.

LEWIS, Stephanie and NORIEGA, Ernesto, Plain City, girl, Oct. 16.

MALAN, Kami and Travis, Washington, girl, Oct. 14.

MANNING, Antoinette and Tommy, Layton, boy, Oct. 14.

McCANN, Gloria and Bradley, North Ogden, boy, Oct. 15.

MILLS, Juliana and Timothy, South Ogden, boy, Oct. 17.

MOYERS, Cassandra and Tim, West Point, boy, Oct. 14.

OBERHANSLY, Carroll and Chad, Roy, boy, Oct. 10.

PAYNE, kimberly and Christopher, Ogden, boy, Oct. 15.

PLEW, olivia and David, Twin Falls, girl, Oct. 14.

REEDER, Pamela and Karl, Maountain G, girl, Oct. 16.

RODRIGUEZ, Rebecca and Jose, Ogden, girl, Oct. 15.

SILVA, Maria and Eliseo, Layton, girl, Oct. 14.

THRIEU, Huong and Hung, Ogden, girl, Oct. 16.

WHITE, Jennifer and Paul, Ogden, boy, Oct. 14.

LDS Hospital-

ATKINSON, Christina and Sterling, Riverton, boy, Oct. 26.

ERICKSON, Billie and Clinton, West Valley City, boy, Oct. 26.

HICKMAN, Tiffany and Richard, Bountiful, boy, Oct. 26.

JEX, Shauna and Jeffrey, Salt Lake City, boy, Oct. 26.

LUBE, Leslie and Matt, Centerville, boy, Oct. 26.

WOOLSTENHULME, Dyan and Thomas, Heber City, girl, Oct. 26.