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Quit whining over US WEST

I am having a problem with all the telephone users (whiners) and Utah We Stand (or whatever it is) complaining about US WEST and its rate increase. I've had a phone line for nearly 30 years, moved four times and have yet had to call repair.

They say they haven't had a rate increase since '87. Well, my taxes have certainly gone up more than $9 a month since then, not to mention what I spend on fuel and the cost of living. If these consumer groups want to complain about something, why don't they start with these?I can see why the huge mega-communications group (US WEST) wants to be part of the Olympics, just like Texaco, Home- Base and AT&T, I just wonder why? I wish the Olympics, I-15 reconstruction and TRAX would all just go away.

Vern B. Edwards

Salt Lake City