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Iraqi lawmakers urge freeze in ties with U.N. inspectors

Iraq's parliament recommended Monday that Iraq suspend its ties with U.N. inspectors to counter a U.N. Security Council resolution threatening more sanctions against Baghdad, the Iraqi news agency INA said.

"The National Assembly today recommends to the (Iraqi) Revolutionary Command Council, other state offices concerned and the Foreign Ministry to freeze ties with the Special Commission . . . and related (U.N.) resolutions," INA said.It said the Assembly recommended that the freeze should continue until a timetable was set for lifting the U.N. embargo imposed for Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Last week the Security Council approved a resolution threatening to impose a travel ban on Iraqi officials alleged to have hindered U.N. inspectors in their work.

The powerful Revolutionary Commonand Council condemned the U.N. resolution Friday and asked the National Assembly to adopt a position on it.

It is not known when the RCC would discuss and adopt the Assembly's recommendations.

INA said the Assembly's recommendations "reflect the high confidence placed by the Assembly in the Revolutionary Command Council, the leadership of the Arab Baath party and President Saddam Hussein . . ."

". . . the National Assembly should be informed on the measures that would be taken by the (Iraqi) leadership and it should also inform the (U.N.) Security Council," INA said.

Richard Butler, head of the U.N. Special Commission in charge of dismantling Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, is planning to visit Iraq around Nov. 7 to 11 for a routine two-monthly visit.

Butler's most recent half-yearly report to the Security Council, issued earlier this month, said Iraq still needed to make a clean breast of its clandestine arms programs.