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Regular safety inspections could save your life and home

As Americans adjusted their clocks back to standard time, many remembered to check smoke alarm batteries as well. Home Depot has some other suggestions for home safety:

- Check for gas leaks or other harmful pollutants and make sure your furnace is in good working order. Carbon monoxide detectors retail for about $30 and will detect dangerous levels of the odorless gas.- Check your chimney. Be sure your flue is open and clear before lighting the first fire of the season. Your chimney should be equipped a spark arrester that meets local fire codes as well.

- Add outdoor lighting. As the days get shorter and darkness falls earlier, it's more important than ever to have adequate outdoor lighting. Law enforcement officials note that exterior lighting is a deterrent to residential robberies. The lighting also improves visibility for residents and guests navigating icy steps and pathways on winter nights.

- Reset automatic timers. Reprogram existing interior and exterior lighting timers to start earlier so you don't come home to a darkened house at the end of the day. And while you're at it, turn off your automatic sprinkling system and drain any pipes that may freeze.

- Lock up tight. Replace aging or worn-out door locks with new handles and deadbolts. You can add a chain or slide lock or a peep hole to identify visitors. Consider adding a universal remote control to your garage that reduces the chance that another person's garage door opener will work on your door from one in 16 to practically impossible.

- Celebrate safely. Remind children to always trick-or-treat with an adult.