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Police dog shot as standoff in Illinois turns violent again

Gunfire rang out again at the home of a woman involved in a monthlong standoff with authorities who have a court order to bring her in for psychological testing.

Shirley Allen shot a police dog through the nose Sunday after officers threw pepper spray into her farmhouse, state police director Terrance Gainer said.She also fired a shot when police used mirrors on long sticks to peer in, but no one was injured, Gainer said.

Gainer said sound detection equipment had picked up a conversation Allen had with herself on Friday in which she sounded as if she was "moving closer to suicide," followed by a long period of inactivity.

That prompted police to drive an all-terrain vehicle around her back yard Sunday, break her windows and a sliding glass door, throw in nine canisters of pepper spray and send in a German shepherd wired for sound. She fired once at the dog, Gainer said. The dog was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.