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Denver article was tacky

Jerry Johnson's article, "John Denver was a walking contradiction," Deseret News, Oct. 17, was distasteful.

We do not need to make sense of John Denver. His songs and voice reached out to the world. He inspired people. He sang for the environment. He believed in and fought for the causes we often take for granted.Two short years ago John Denver came to Utah and appeared at a party where hundreds stood in line to greet him. He signed his name until every last fan had met him face to face. He then went on to sing at a concert at Wolf Mountain with the Utah Symphony. Fans clapped and cheered and sat through a rainstorm to hear him. Loyalty? No doubt.

Your article quoted Willie Nelson. Now, there's a reliable source. The same Willie Nelson who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS. John Denver's "fall from grace" is his own responsibility. It's none of our business what his personal tragedies or struggles were. He was a remarkable entertainer. He will be deeply missed by me, by his Utah fans and by fans throughout the world.

Regardless of what John Denver's personal struggles were, give credit to the man who pleased and delighted Utah concertgoers for over 30 years. Your article further distorts that John Denver needs to "take back the lies." What a mischaracterization of a truly talented and humble man. He loved people. He loved life and he loved singing.

I, for one, am disappointed that you can not simply pay tribute to an entertainer without throwing in garbage about his personal life. John Denver may have had personal struggles. But he was, and is, a legend.

Glen H. Proctor

Salt Lake City