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Girl, mom struck by car while crossing 900 West

A girl walking hand in hand with her mother was seriously injured Monday when both were hit by a car as they crossed a Salt Lake street.

Vanessa Martinez, 4, was holding the hand of her mother, Bernadette Martinez, 21, West Salt Lake, as they crossed the street in a crosswalk at 700 South and 900 West, a Salt Lake police report states.They were crossing 900 West, which is four lanes wide, from the east side to the west on their way to preschool. Martinez and her mother were hit by a car traveling south on 900 West just before they reached the curb, the report said.

Several witnesses stopped for the pair, and all said the driver of the car that hit them, Gomez Jose Ramirez, 30, West Salt Lake, didn't stop until he hit them, the report said.

Vanessa Martinez was taken to Primary Children's Medical Center in serious condition. She was in good condition Tuesday, a community relations worker said. Bernadette Martinez hurt her hand but didn't receive any medical treatment.

Police cited Ramirez for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. The fine for that crime averaged about $57 before last week. Then city officials announced a crackdown on the practice that has been made worse, they said, by I-15 reconstruction.

Prosecutors said they'll now ask judges to impose $200 fines for failing to yield, as well as crossing against a signal or jaywalking.