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Army will give state land for Olympic Village

The 2002 Olympic Village is back on track.

Rep. Merrill Cook, R-Utah, announced Wednesday the 11 acres of the base still occupied by the Reserves will be turned over to the state, which will use the land for an Olympic Village during the 2002 Winter Olympics. "We're delighted. This is what we've been fighting for. This is a win for Utah and for Utah's Olympics," he said.In early October, President Clinton used his new line-item veto powers to kill 38 military construction projects that he said were beyond his budget request. Among the funding provisions was $12.7 million to move the Army Reserve facilities from Fort Douglas so the land could be used for the Olympic Village.

After a tornado of criticism, White House aides said the president would consider restoring the 38 construction projects.

Now, however, Army Secretary Togo West has informed the director of the Office of Management and Budget that the Army has made an administrative decision to transfer the 11 acres of the Fort Douglas Reserve Enclave to the state.