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Why slam Howard Eisley?

On Friday, Oct. 17, on page one of the D section, there was an article written by Loren Jorgensen entitled, "Eisley doesn't stack up to Stock."

What was the purpose of this article?1. If it was news, didn't we already know that Howard Eisley, as a young player still learning, would not be on a level with John Stockton? Did Jorgensen think that Eisley (playing only a few minutes each game) should be as good as John?

2. Was the purpose to make Eisley feel bad?

3. Was the purpose to create a headline and controversy?

4. What was the point of the comparison box between the two players, one a multiyear veteran, the other a young seldom used backup?

I see no point in writing about the obvious and hope you may be able to explain the motive behind such a mean-spirited article. To spend half the front page of the Sports section running down a young player who is being given a chance to perform his trade seems pointless. When Jorgensen got his first opportunity to write a story for your paper, did he have someone print another article letting your readers know how poorly he did, and the shortcomings he possessed? Not likely.

Alan A. Gray