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Chamber adopts 6 resolutions

The board of governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has adopted six resolutions on subjects ranging from federal funding of the arts to one calling for reforms in the Endangered Species Act.

Before board members voted on the resolution on the Endangered Species Act, chamber president Stanley B. Parrish said the members should make certain they vote on resolutions that impact business. He said last year when a vote was taken on a wilderness proposal one chamber members canceled its membership.Don Leonard, a board member and chairman of the Congressional Relations Committee, presented the resolution on endangered species that said not a single species has been saved as a result of recovery plans developed under the act. Therefore, the resolution calls on Congress to make some reforms.

The other resolutions approved by the board were:

- Support for the option in Salt Lake City's Gateway Project that calls for removal on some railroad tracks and shortening the viaducts over the remaining railroad tracks.

- Ask Congress to renew the president's authority to negotiate international trade agreements and secure congressional approval on a fast-track basis.

- Establish conditions for the United States to become a signatory to any international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions under the U.N. Convention on Climate Change.

- Ask Utah's representatives and other members of Congress to support federal funding of the arts.

- Strongly recommend the Environmental Protection Agency approve a regional visibility commission recommendation in its regional haze rulemaking covering improved visibility in national parks with more than 6,000 acres and wilderness area with more than 5,000 acres.