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Eckhoff founder leaves to join international firm

David Eckhoff, a founder of Eckhoff, Watson & Preator Engineering Inc., has left the company to become vice president and regional manager of the California-based Psomas Inc.

Psomas is an international engineering firm specializing in water resources, survey and mapping, land development, public works and geographic information systems.He is opening the Psomas office with 15 employees, and by the end of the year plans to have 25 employees.

Working as Eckhoff's area managers will be Dee Hansen, former executive director of the Utah Department of Natural Resources and state engineer; Darrel Scow, former Sandy public utilities director and a board member of the Provo River Water Users Association; Alane Boyd, a senior engineer specializing in mountain water and development projects; and Scott Rocke, a civil engineering project manager of the Assembly Hall project for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Eckhoff has been associated with such projects as the Utah Winter Sports Park, Great Salt Lake Desert Pumping Project, the underground water storage system at Snowbird Resort and the Solitude Resort Development Project.