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Alcohol blamed in accident that killed 2 near Strawberry

Alcohol was a factor in an accident that killed two people earlier this month near Strawberry Reservoir, police say.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Mitch McKee said the driver of a pickup truck that drifted into oncoming traffic had a blood alcohol level of .21 - well over double the legal limit.David Ewell, Midvale, was driving west on U-40 when his truck smashed into a jeep driven by Tracy Lynne Hardman, Vernal, 26.

Both Ewell and Hardman were pronounced dead at Wasatch County Hospital. Hardman's mother, Claudia Fletcher, 45, a passenger in Hardman's vehicle, was flown by helicopter to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. She was released Oct. 25, a hospital spokesman said.

The accident happened Oct. 10 about 9:50 p.m. In Utah a driver is considered legally drunk if his or her blood alcohol is .08 or greater.