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Utah prison escapee pleads guilty to crimes during spree

A Utah prison escapee indicted in connection with three Albuquerque bank robberies pleaded guilty to crimes committed during four months of freedom.

Keith Lamar Shepherd, 38, a native of Spanish Fork, pleaded guilty Monday to charges that will net him 50 years of federal prison time in addition to the life sentence he received in Utah.He will be sentenced Jan. 21 by U.S. District Judge John E. Conway.

Shepherd, after escaping in November from the Utah prison in Gunnison, robbed banks on Jan. 24, Jan. 31 and March 7. Shepherd was captured during the last robbery after being shot by an off-duty policeman.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of carjacking and a count of carrying and using a firearm during the commission of a crime of violence.

Shepherd escaped from Utah prisons twice. He had been imprisoned in Utah in 1985 for aggravated robbery. He escaped in 1992, was recaptured in 1993 and placed in a maximum-security unit.

But when he was transferred to the Gunnison prison, he found a job working on the dock. He had been working there a couple of months when he staged his second escape.

He told detectives after his Albuquerque arrest that last year's escape was largely motivated by resentment over Utah's decision to make him pay back the $65,000 spent in the 1992 search for him.