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Swiss banks release new list of accounts dating to WWII

Swiss banks released a new list of 14,000 dormant World War II-era accounts Wednesday in a sweeping attempt to give back the assets of Holocaust victims.

For the latest listing, supervised by international investigators, 123 banks - including small savings institutions - searched their records to find even small bank accounts.The latest findings total about $12.4 million - bringing to $54 million the total found in unclaimed accounts over the past two years.

But the banks have said they will add interest according to a formula to be devised by American financial consultant Henry Kaufman.

The new listings come with no assurances that all belong to Holocaust victims. They simply give the names on accounts found in 57 banks that were opened by non-Swiss before the end of World War II.

That means the banks have no records that the owners of the accounts ever contacted them again since May 9, 1945.

And, in case a Holocaust victim had asked someone in Switzerland to open an account - a common practice - the list includes all Swiss-opened dormant accounts containing about $70 or more.