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Datacom chief believes tree is the root of firm's problems

A tree planted in front of Datacom Systems is anything but beautiful to manager Colmon Chan.

Chan believes the tree's placement is sapping the good energy from his business. Since it was planted several weeks ago, a fish in the store's window aquarium has died, another got sick, Chan's computer crashed and business is down by two-thirds.He said its placement violates the principles of feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy of harmonious living with the environment.

"When you go in and out, you feel like somebody is holding a stick," Chan said. "It's like a shadow is hanging over in front of your window."

City officials want Chan to pursue a cheaper alternative to tearing up the pavement again - like hanging wind chimes or crystals from the tree's limbs.

"It would be stirring up the water," Chan said. "It won't work right."