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Mark Van Wagoner and Danny Kramer: double duty DJs

You just never know what you're going to hear on the airwaves these days, in the midst of radio consolidations, mergers, lease agreements and new technology.

But this one seems unique: Veteran DJs Mark Van Wagoner and Danny Kramer are on the air on two different stations at the same time!It's true, and there's some "magic" involved since one of the stations involved is KTKL - "Magic 92.1"

Simmons Family Radio operates FM-92.1, along with a half dozen other Wasatch Front stations - including KDYL (AM-1230).

While KDYL will continue to be Van Wagoner and Kramer's main thrust, they're also simultaneous personalities on new sister station KTKL.

How is this possible?

Van Wagoner said it is still in the experimental stage, but the DJs pre-record many of their song identifications for KTKL and stay live on KDYL. They may still be live once in a while on FM-92.1, but that station will remain primarily continuous music.

"We'll wait to see how it works out," Van Wagoner said of the double duty effort by the two DJs.

He said there's no racing around between studios, and unforeseen situations should still be able to be handled from the KDYL control booth.

Kramer said the feat is possible because of the super computer in the Simmons Radio building. He also said there's a chance FM-92.1 may look to live broadcasting in the future.

No listeners seem to have noticed he's on the two stations at the same time, said Kramer, but then the type of audience the stations attract are quite different.

Van Wagoner is on KDYL from 6-10 a.m., and his voice also rings out on KTKL approximately four times an hour, too, in that same period.

Kramer is the KDYL host from 2-6 p.m., and also on KTKL from 3-7 p.m.

Both DJs can trace their popularity in the market to their on-air shifts at KSL in the 1980s. Van Wagoner was "Mark in the Morning" on AM-1160, a moniker he has maintained. And Kramer did the afternoon shift at KSL, just as he does at KDYL now.

After leaving KSL, the DJs both worked at several other stations before ending up at KDYL.

KTKL plays "oldies" music, while KDYL is "nostalgic music." KTKL is also geared to fill the music gap between sister stations "FM-100" and "Star 102.7."

Still another busy radio personality is Andrew Peters. He does the weekday news on most Simmons stations, including KDYL, KRSP, KTKL. He's also the KDYL program director and is the voice of KTKL from 7 p.m. to midnight.