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Eisner is ruining Disney

We should not be surprised by all the flap over the growing controversy of the "no-longer-family" products from the Disney Co.

First of all, the Disney Co. is not Walt Disney anymore. Walt Disney is dead and long gone. Today, his former company is owned and managed by Michael Eisner and associates, and it is they who have altered the Disney message.The real Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave to see what the Eisner team is doing to his good name. While the real Walt was a moral and ethical conservative, Eisner and his team are genuine leftist liberals who are engaging in some social engineering that is deliberately destructive to certain traditional values and morals.

"Gay Recognition Days" at Disneyland? Ellen "Degenerate" comes out on prime-time TV? Truly vulgar violence in "Aladdin & the King of Thieves"? Heavy adult feature films?

Walt Disney was typical of his pre-World War II times. He may have been full of ethnic stereotypes. Curiously, he was most venomous toward the very ethnic and orientation types that today own and manage his former company.

To reflect this new reality at Disney, the company should be referred to as Disney-Eisner Inc. Disneyland should be changed to Eisnerland.

Elliott E. Bernshaw

Salt Lake City