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Parents allowed to attend funeral of son who starved

A couple accused of starving their 2-year-old son to death will be released from jail briefly to attend the boy's funeral Friday.

Several local businesses and families have contributed money toward the funeral and burial of Jeffrey Mitchell, who died Tuesday of malnutrition. The boy weighed just 10 pounds - 3 pounds over his birth weight - when he died.He was to be buried Friday at Mount Carmel Cemetery, and authorities granted his parents' request to attend. An autopsy showed no evidence the boy suffered any injuries or medical problems other than malnutrition, Coroner Dan Sims said Thursday.

Billy Mitchell, 45, and his wife, Susan, 37, each are charged with murder and wanton endangerment in their son's death and for allegedly allowing two daughters to become severely malnourished. They were held on $1.1 million bond.

McCracken County Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Kaltenbach said he expects to take the case to the grand jury Friday. He said he has not ruled out seeking the death penalty.