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Japan's exports of cars up 15th straight month

Japan's exports of cars, trucks and buses surged 41.6 percent in August, rising from year-earlier levels for the 15th straight month, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association announced Tuesday.

A spokeswoman for the association attributed the sharp rise, to 369,659 vehicles, to demand for vehicles not produced in other countries, such as sports-utility models.Exports of passenger cars jumped 48.1 percent to 290,314, truck exports rose 21.5 percent to 74,779 and bus exports grew 33.7 percent to 4,566.

Exports to the United States grew 28.3 percent to 91,589 vehicles, compared with a 22.2 percent rise in July.

The spokeswoman added that Japan's auto exports likely would continue to grow at the same pace in September due to continued strong overseas demand for sports-utility models.

In July, exports rose 32.3 percent to 429,933 vehicles.

Honda posted the highest rise, up 102.9 percent to 52,087, boosted by strong shipments of its popular C-RV sports utility model to North America and Europe.

Exports to Latin America grew the most, up 97.8 percent to 39,679.

Exports to the EU were also strong, up 47.7 percent to 75,999.