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Riverton set to add 3,107 acres

The largest annexation in Riverton's history - involving a huge 3,107-acre, half-million-dollar chunk of land west of the city - is ready to go.

City Recorder Joan Cutler has verified that the people who signed a petition seeking the annexation have legal standing and meet all the requirements of state law.To be certified, the petition must bear the signatures of property owners with more than a third of the total acreage in the annexation area and more than half of the assessed valuation.

But the signers of this annexation request far exceeded the statutory minimum, accounting for 1,900 acres or 61 percent of the acreage and $449,890 or nearly 87 percent of the property value.

Cutler said the 3,100-plus acres lie mostly between 4800 and 6400 West from 13800 to 16200 South but exclude the Hamilton Ridge subdivision. It has a combined assessed value in excess of $518,000.

A letter confirming the certification has been forwarded to the county, which will lose the unincorporated land from its tax rolls once the annexation process is concluded.

The City Council accepted the annexation petition at its Aug. 19 meeting, but it usually takes several weeks for staff to certify the petition signatures. The annexation must now go back to the council for final approval.

Mayor Sandra Lloyd said the area eventually will be developed for a combination of residential and commercial uses.

She noted Sorenson Development spearheaded the annexation drive, although a number of other adjoining property owners also were interested in coming into Riverton.

"But nothing has been defined yet," the mayor said. "We haven't seen a plan from Sorenson.

"There will be several public hearings on how this land should be used," she added. "People will have a chance to be involved in planning and provide some input on the future of that area."

Lloyd said she's hoping Riverton residents will see the need to be more involved in master planning for the large undeveloped area west of the city's current boundaries.

"That's going to be essential if we want to control of our own destiny," she added.