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NOW's `snit' is unfounded

NOW's extremist slip is showing.

The National Organization for Women is in a snit about this Saturday's Promise Keepers "Stand in the Gap" men's prayer gathering in Washington, D.C. It is uneasy, insecure and antagonistic about the fact men intend to engage in a rally that includes a prayerful pledge to adhere to Christian values and to be more thoughtful and committed husbands and fathers.What is wrong with that, in this era of substance abuse, selfishness, promiscuity, neglect of children and preoccupation with careers?

We are puzzled as to why encouraging men to be less self-centered and more outwardly focused should be something to denounce as a threat. That is unless NOW's agenda really isn't promoting women's rights in general but merely advocating the rights of women whose political/social agendas align with its own.

NOW - like other extremist organizations that allow no middle ground - refuses to believe male motives could actually be pure in this or any instance. They have an absolute "we vs. they" mentality and have affixed subversive intentions to the Oct. 4 gathering, claiming it is a veiled attempt to subjugate women beneath the yoke of male dominance.

If NOW ever did carry the torch for and in behalf of mainstream women, it obviously now only fans the flames for those on the fringe. The reason for its opposition to Promise Keepers is obvious: The men's group is founded on fundamentalist Christian principles, which NOW despises.

The notion of separate but mutually beneficial roles in a relationship is foreign to an organization that fosters blanket distrust and even hatred of men. Promise Keepers espouses that doctrinal position of complementary roles.

While women have been oppressed historically and, unfortunately, continue to be in some quarters, their plight will not suffer from the efforts of a group committed to becoming more faithful, sober and thoughtful. That is the stated mission of Promise Keepers.

If its members act upon those principles to which they will pledge Saturday, the world will be a better place for men and women.